A couple of years ago, I invited Kinston children to share their hopes and dreams for our community.  Below I have compiled the student responses.

A Child's Dream
(submitted by Kinston Promise Neighborhood children)  

My dream is to grow old. To also grow to be bold. Living life to the fullest, With many adventures untold.

My dream is that people will not have to go to war. I just can't bear the fact that everyday someone dies. I just wish that they would stop all wars for once and for all.

I would like for my family to be happy and successful.

My dream is that the world would be perfect.  

There will be no violence. There will be a cure for every disease. The economy will not be bad.

My dream is that there will be no more guns.  

That there will be peace.

I have a dream that people would get better jobs and keep them.

I have a dream that people in different countries will have food to eat.

I have a dream that whites and blacks will stay united.

I have a dream that in places like Russia, there shall be only one ruler and that is God.

I have a dream that we can have a better community, and that people will stop killing, stealing, and littering.

I dream that people would realize that guns shouldn't be used for stupid things such as robbery.

I wish that people would not think they are powerful just because they have a gun.

I wish that people would be willing to sit down and work out their problems.  

My dream for the community is for us to get along and help one another.  

I have a dream for a perfect world. To me a perfect world is peace on earth. People ask why. Well today in life there are gangs and shoot-outs. But both of these things leads you to one thing and that's death.

Shootouts are terrifying. They are about nothing. I personally think that gangs are horrible and they need to be stopped.

My dream is to help the people that need help because it is sad sometimes when I ride by in the car and I look on the streets, I see people that need help with their lives. Some of them have not eaten in days and have no where to stay. My aunts and I take can goods to the needy families that need food. People all around the world need help.

I would like to provide for others like they used to say, if you do good to others, good things happen to you.

My dream is that I want to be able to help the needy when I grow up.

I believe that we should talk to teens so that they do not make mistakes with their life.

I dream that one day children can go out and play outside without being scared.

I have a dream that many kids wouldn't have to be on the street. They could be in a kid development center so they can learn more.

My dream is that many high school dropouts would change their minds and go back to school and learn more.

My dream is that there should be a school for many pregnant teens so they can learn to better their lives.

I have a dream that everyone can live in a safe neighborhood.  

I have a dream that everybody get a chance to graduate from college.

I have a dream that young people would stop getting in gangs because they want to fit in.

I have a dream that people would stop drinking and driving.

I have a dream that people would learn how to forgive people.

I have a dream that people would learn how to love one another.

I have a dream that people would stop getting diseases.

I have a dream that people will try to stop using drugs because they are depressed.

I have a dream that children in our country would stop fighting.

My dream is that we do not judge people by the way they look.

I want people to be able to help those that have no food to eat and help those little kids who have to take care of their little brothers and sisters.

I want to try to help the children in Africa who are hungry.

I just want to help the world and make it a better place to live.

            I always dream of being successful and not struggling like I see my mother and grandmother doing. I learned to dream big from my mother and grandmother.

I have a dream that a young black African American woman can grow up and become President of the United States.
7/24/2013 10:36:28 pm

Response by the different students indicate that majority of them has a clear vision about what happens across their in their daily life. Many waive to have gun free world and that itself indicates that children are the real messengers of peace.

6/13/2016 02:59:38 am

this post is wonderful. I think the majority of us try to remember what they wanted when they were young. Unfortunately now all of us has an aim to achieve less global winnings. may be this post will make us remember what really deserves attention. We forgot something very urgent.


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