Submitted by Danyala, Kids2College Program Participant

Since I was a little girl, my Mother has always encouraged me to dream big and to know that 
God has a plan for my life. She has encouraged me to try new things and to give 
it my all. She promised to always be proud as long as I give it my best. She 
taught me at an early age what God's words say. "Philippians 4:13, "I can do
all  things through Christ which strengthens me." Let's just say I've been
dreaming  big for a long time and college is a must!!!

I come from a family full of Ministers, musicians and singers. Music has been a part of my
  life since birth! My mom says she used to listen to music and sing to me before
  I was born. I love all types of music and singing, so studying music would be
my  first choice. I would choose vocals.
Along with loving to sing, I love to be around children, babies mostly. I think I
  would enjoy caring for and taking care of them. If the singing career didn't
  work, I would choose to be a doctor. A pediatrician, working with the children,
  I would like that.

 I know whichever career I choose, I would need to  further my education. My mom was so excited to hear
that I was chosen to be a  part of the Kids2College program. This is the very
thing she has prayed and  encouraged me for, to be a part of something great. To
open me up to the  opportunity to go to college. She was the best for me and I
want to be able to  succeed for her and myself.

College will inspire me to learn stuff that I  don't already know. It will inspire me to do my best. It
will give me great joy  to say, "Mom, you are looking at Dr. Spencer," know that
she will be so proud of  me. I believe I can do just that!!!