We are excited about the new year and all the opportunities that will be provided in Kinston Promise Neighborhood.  We are trying to keep up with the latest communication and social networking opportunities and invite you to join us along our journey.

First of all we are currently publishing a weekly e-newsletter through Constant Contact entitled, "Wonderful Wednesday.  We are sharing information submitted by our KPN team and member agencies about activities happening through Kinston, with a special focus on programs generated out of Kinston Promise Neighborhod.  Each issue of Wonderful is posted to our facebook page.

We have a facebook page ( and a Twitter page .  We encourage you to join both pages and keep up with our activities.

    Theresa Williams-Bethea
    Kinston Promise Neighborhood
    Project Coordinator

    327 N. Queen Street, Suite 113-C,
    Kinston, NC 28501
    Mailing Address:

    Post Office Box 2705
    Kinston, NC 28502
    252/522-8019  (office)
    Email:  [email protected]


    February 2012