Volunteers urged to participate

 When volunteers complete their work April 27, 2013, Downtown Kinston and East Kinston neighborhoods will be a lot cleaner as the community gets ready for the annual Festival on the Neuse (May 1-4).

The Pride of Kinston, Kinston City Councilman Sammy Aiken and Theresa Williams Bethea of Kinston Promise Neighborhood, have merged efforts to remove trash and debris in east Kinston and in downtown’s Municipal Service District. Kinston ’s Appearance Commission is also a sponsor.

The event is also being held on Global Youth Service Day as part of the Kinston Promise Neighborhood's efforts to encourage youth involvement in our community.

All sponsoring organizations are urging volunteers to show up for the expanded effort.

The joint move was unveiled at an East Kinston Community Meeting April 11 when Mr. Aiken, Ms. Bethea and Pride director Adrian King told area residents of the larger project. Pride’s 2009 Clean Up Day was expanded to include the Martin Luther King corridor.

Noting that the Festival on the Neuse draws thousands to Kinston , “We taste first with our eyes,” Mr. King noted. “A clean and attractive community is not only good for our aesthetics, but also good for tourism and economic development.”

The main point of the effort is to make a statement, to call attention to the importance of clean, neat and a litter-free community while removing debris along streets and sidewalks, commented Sarah Weeks , chair of Pride’s Design Committee. The committee first launched the project in April 2006.
  • The Clean Up Day schedule begins at 9:00 am in Pearson Park with registration,  a briefing and area assignments. Morning refreshments will be available.
  • At 12:30 pm, a complimentary lunch will be offered to volunteers who helped with the clean up project.
  • Approximately 1:30 pm a tree will be planted in the park in observance of Arbor Day. The tree, as in the past, is being donated by the Charles Hughes Construction Company.
Volunteers are being urged to contact Kinston Promise Neighborhood at 252-522-8019 or; Pride of Kinston at 252-525-6144 or; or Sammy Aiken at 252-624-4361 or .

Such festivals are really needed for our city. Firstly, it attracts young people to physical labor. Second, these actions help to cleanse the city.

9/1/2016 01:42:33 pm

Volunteering is a good idea. That is the thing I like nowadays - we know, we could help us by ourselves.

2/18/2018 10:08:30 pm

Volunteers and volunteers are those people who are trying to do something pollinous and thereby improve our world, it is worthy of respect.

1/3/2023 02:42:07 am

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