On Thursday, April 26, Project  Promise Mentoring Alliance participants at Rochelle Middle School received a  special visit and motivational message from Kinston attorney, and PPMA supporter  and friend, James "Jimbo" Perry.  Mr. Perry has known many of the students since  they were third graders and participants in the Little by Little program at  Southeast Elementary School.

Jimbo was one of the founders of the Little by Little literacy and mentoring program that started at Southeast Elementary School.  Littel by Little scholarship allows our program participants to earn scholarship dollars each quarter for academic achievement and behavior recognition. A few students have already earned close to $1,000 which they can collect after high school graduation and entrance into college.

This week's Wonderful Wednesday  also includes the "Voices of Youth," as our  youth completed program surveys  this week.  Some of the questions and their answers are in separate blog entries.

8/8/2013 04:06:11 pm

Mentoring students is a great deal to keep them engaged to achieve their goals of education. A good mentor can work miracles and you have done a great job at the middle school. I appreciate your great service and thanks for the share.

10/22/2013 09:52:22 pm

I would like to know more about scholarship program.Kindly provide me some resource to go through it.Can i see the Survey chart.

2/15/2024 04:46:52 am

Appreciate your blog postt


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