NC State University's Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education Training Program (HRMET) is holding their 2013 summer trainings! Last year (2012) we successfully held trainings in the following counties: Durham County, Cabarrus County, New Hanover County, Sanford County, and Guildford County, with over 200 attending. This year we are holding trainings in 5 more locations, May-June for the summer. Please view the information below for a brief training description, locations and dates, and how to register!

The Lenoir County Center for Cooperative Extension, a Kinston Promise Neighborhood partner,  will sponsor the training on Monday, June 17, 2013.  Their office is located at 1791 Highway 11/55 in Kinston, NC.

 NC State University would like to invite you to this FREE training! Free lunch and certificates to use for CEU credit. Please view the attached flyer! Participants may register online through link below. 

The Goal:

The goal of Improving the Lives of Children: The Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education Training is to improve the stability and well-being of children by helping their parents/caregivers develop the knowledge and skills needed to form and maintain healthy relationships. Through this train-the-trainer session, child welfare workers and other family life professionals will learn principles and skills they can use to educate families in healthy relationship practices.

What can I expect to learn?

Participants will be able to:

· Better understand the numerous benefits of healthy couple, marital, and co-parenting relationships for child well-being.

·  Become aware of the research-informed principles, practices, and processes that foster healthy families.

· Gain knowledge, tools, and skills that will increase your ability to help strengthen family and child well-being, safety, and permanency.

5/2/2016 07:59:25 am

These trainings are an excellent way to improve the family relationships. Thanks to these techniques you can learn the opinions of experts about the many problems.

5/24/2016 02:10:01 am

In fact, it is quite a good program, aimed at improving the lives of children. It takes into account the well-being of the family, education and health.

6/13/2016 02:51:47 am

Many people think that there is no point to improve their relationships. But healthy relationships in family make children become happier in their future. They should know it from the very childhood. It will help to avoid many mistakes in their adolescence.

9/1/2016 01:31:34 pm

Interesting. I am not really sure, but I think I could possibly use the information you've presented here. Thanks for this idea!

9/1/2016 01:37:23 pm

That is so right! I guess, we might have some classes of parenthood to minimize the negative effects of our own "wrong" childhood.

2/18/2018 10:09:59 pm

This goal will help to avoid many problems in the future, since it is the children that are the future not only of our family but of the whole country as a whole.


Thank you for such informative, useful and special to become, I am glad that I read it and learned a lot of new things


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