I am a student with a promising future,
I promise to be smoke and drug free;
I promise to live up to my full potential;
I promise to be respectful of others;
I promise to make a difference in my community; and
I promise to be successful in life.

Why is the Student Promise important to my future educational goals?

The student pledge influences me to do what is best for me, therefore I won't get in trouble. I will make good grades.

The student pledge lets me know what to do as a young lady.

It is important for my goals because I want a good scholarship to go to college.

The student promise is important because I can live a good life and have faith in myself.

The student promise encourages us to do our best and helps us achieve our goals to be successful.

The student promise allows me to think hard about my life, and become the things that I am saying.

It  helps me stay out of bad stuff and helps me focus on my work.

The  student promise pushes me to want to do better than I do.

Because if I follow the student pledge, I will be on the  right track and give me a head start on life.

 The  student promise helps me to get ready for my future and life success.

The  student promise makes me want to work hard to meet my educational  goals.

 The  student promise reminds me to have a wonderful life.

The  student promise is a guide to life.

 The student promise is important to my educational goals because it motivates me to do good in school.

 The  student promise is important because I want to go to college and become  something when I grow up and live on my own.

The  student promise is important because if I follow this, then I'll be successful  in life.


1/28/2013 03:38:02 pm

I am totally agree with your thinking that student promise is important because if they follow them, then they will be successful in life.


Pledge plays an important part in the life of a student. He or she should take an oath to attain their objectives during the school life. This sharing was nice and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for giving a chance to get in familiar with this.

10/22/2013 05:31:54 pm

The relevance of this post is beyond words. I have been trying to finish my case study research paper for some time now but now I know what was missing. Thank you very much for this!


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