Why is it important for young people to be involved in their

PPMA seventh grade students were recently invited to answer the above question.
Some of their responses are included below.

  It is important because it helps people in our community.  

Community service keeps students from  getting into trouble and they will stay on task.

It will give them a chance to see what  goes on in their community.

Because if you are involved in your community, you have a less chance of being on drugs.

 So they can  make the world a better place.

 Because you should help your community and help the people in your community.

 It  is important so I can make my community better and safer.

It helps the community to be united, and it shows  effort that you are trying to do something with the

It is important for young people to be involved in their community because we need to keep the community clean.

Youth should be involved because they need to know  what they are going to be looking forward to, and be
ready for life.

Youth can help make the community  better.

If we start now, we will know  what to do later.

 I am involved in my community  so that I can make the world a better place.

 It is important to work in  your community because you need a better environment and community.

 It is important because we can  make a change in our community.

 It is important because it  helps you interact with people that you do not know and people that you do  know.

Being involved in my community  is important because it will help me be a great leader. 

It is important because we're  the next generation and we want our community to be better.




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