I have had the opportunity to reflect over the past two weeks about the Camp Promise summer enrichment experience that we provided for our students in the Project Promise Mentoring Alliance programs.  Our students have already expressed interest in a camp experience for this year and so we are looking at possible options to help make it happen.

In the meantime, I would like to share some of the comments/reflections that some of our participants wrote about last summer's Camp Promise.

Kieanna, a student at Greene County Middle School

Camp Promise means making promises and sticking to them and it's all about learning new
things, making new friends and advice on what you should do and not . It's all about being
true to yourself and never giving up on what you believe in. I have also learned math
strategies and I learned African language and about our African Americans heroes and what they did.

On my first day of camp I was a bit shy then when I started to see people I knew from the
Saturday Academy, then I started to open my mouth and talk to new and old faces and now I have lots of friends and all the girls in my group are my friends and most of them are from the program on Saturday
and my old classmate Alexis is in my group and she made friends like I did. So I'm glad I go to Camp Promise!

Michael, a student at Rochelle Middle School

To me,  Camp Promise means a lot.  It is more than just a camp.  It is a place where you learn
important lessons that will carry you a long way.  I will always remember this camp for what it has done for me.

Camp Promise is full of people who care for others and there's not too many people in the world like
that.  We need to use this experience to our advantage. 

We also get extra help in math and reading.  We get to go on trips, enjoy arts and crafts and make new

Destinee a student at Kinston Charter Academy

To me, Camp Promise means having more confidence in myself.  When I first  came to camp, I saw some old faces and I saw some new ones.

I am a Kinston Charter Academy  student and the teachers encouraged me to meet and get to know students from other schools.

I have really enjoyed Camp Promise.

K'Von, a student at Rochelle Middle School

Camp Promise is an opportunity to have fun while learning each day of camp. I feel as if we do things that other camps don't  do. I have been able to enjoy playing basketball.  The church has a recreation room where we can go and play.  I have learned about my culture.

I have made new friends.  I have been fed great meals each day.  I have also been awarded with prizes for my good behavior and character. 

This experience is something that I can use to help me become a successful person in life.

I have really enjoyed Camp Promise.


I was recently invited to share my thoughts on Community Engagement and the involvement of youth in our communities for publication in the America's Promise national e-newsletter.

Why is it important for young people to be involved in their

PPMA seventh grade students were recently invited to answer the above question.
Some of their responses are included below.

  It is important because it helps people in our community.  

Community service keeps students from  getting into trouble and they will stay on task.

It will give them a chance to see what  goes on in their community.

Because if you are involved in your community, you have a less chance of being on drugs.

 So they can  make the world a better place.

 Because you should help your community and help the people in your community.

 It  is important so I can make my community better and safer.

It helps the community to be united, and it shows  effort that you are trying to do something with the

It is important for young people to be involved in their community because we need to keep the community clean.

Youth should be involved because they need to know  what they are going to be looking forward to, and be
ready for life.

Youth can help make the community  better.

If we start now, we will know  what to do later.

 I am involved in my community  so that I can make the world a better place.

 It is important to work in  your community because you need a better environment and community.

 It is important because we can  make a change in our community.

 It is important because it  helps you interact with people that you do not know and people that you do  know.

Being involved in my community  is important because it will help me be a great leader. 

It is important because we're  the next generation and we want our community to be better.





I am a student with a promising future,
I promise to be smoke and drug free;
I promise to live up to my full potential;
I promise to be respectful of others;
I promise to make a difference in my community; and
I promise to be successful in life.

Why is the Student Promise important to my future educational goals?

The student pledge influences me to do what is best for me, therefore I won't get in trouble. I will make good grades.

The student pledge lets me know what to do as a young lady.

It is important for my goals because I want a good scholarship to go to college.

The student promise is important because I can live a good life and have faith in myself.

The student promise encourages us to do our best and helps us achieve our goals to be successful.

The student promise allows me to think hard about my life, and become the things that I am saying.

It  helps me stay out of bad stuff and helps me focus on my work.

The  student promise pushes me to want to do better than I do.

Because if I follow the student pledge, I will be on the  right track and give me a head start on life.

 The  student promise helps me to get ready for my future and life success.

The  student promise makes me want to work hard to meet my educational  goals.

 The  student promise reminds me to have a wonderful life.

The  student promise is a guide to life.

 The student promise is important to my educational goals because it motivates me to do good in school.

 The  student promise is important because I want to go to college and become  something when I grow up and live on my own.

The  student promise is important because if I follow this, then I'll be successful  in life.


 On Thursday, April 26, Project  Promise Mentoring Alliance participants at Rochelle Middle School received a  special visit and motivational message from Kinston attorney, and PPMA supporter  and friend, James "Jimbo" Perry.  Mr. Perry has known many of the students since  they were third graders and participants in the Little by Little program at  Southeast Elementary School.

Jimbo was one of the founders of the Little by Little literacy and mentoring program that started at Southeast Elementary School.  Littel by Little scholarship allows our program participants to earn scholarship dollars each quarter for academic achievement and behavior recognition. A few students have already earned close to $1,000 which they can collect after high school graduation and entrance into college.

This week's Wonderful Wednesday  also includes the "Voices of Youth," as our  youth completed program surveys  this week.  Some of the questions and their answers are in separate blog entries.